who is mikaela finne


Mikaela Finne is an artist and songwriter from the most beautiful coast town in Finland, if you ask her. But based in Stockholm since years back. Drawing inspiration from the nerve in American music, Mikaela sings with honesty in her stories of the ups and downs of love.

“My heart starts racin’ every time by the thought of you and I..” Mikaela sings with her heart on her sleeve.

Mikaela’s powerful yet fragile voice pierce through the soul while she sings words many never say out loud.

Vocals, Acoustic guitar / Mikaela Finne
Electric guitar / Niklas Ekblom & Nicklas Thelin
Bass / Anton Jaldegren
Drums / Gustav Vikström Seltman
Back-up vocals / Alicia Carlestam & Julia Carlzon